September 22, 2010

AP Stringer Arrested for Working for .... the Taliban

(AP Photo/Rahmatullah Naikzad)

Two journalists were actually detained. One was a stringer for the AP named Rahmatullah Nekzad who also did freelance work for al Jazeera. The other guy is named Mohammed Nader and worked for al Jazeera.

How were they linked to the Taliban?

"Afghan and coalition forces had intelligence information linking the men to Taliban propaganda networks."
The Committee to Protect Journalists is up in arms because, um, journalists can't be terrorists. I think by definition, right?

Where have we heard Rahmatullah Nekzad's name before? He stood by and took pictures and a video as the Taliban murdered two women in 2008 (photo above). He actually knew the women were going to be executed and went to document the Taliban's meting out of "punishment" anyway after he had notified the AP of his intention.... and no one at the AP thought the imminent murder of two women was noteworthy enough to notify US, ISAF, or Afghan authorities.

Some of his other pictures taken for the AP has Taliban soldiers posing for him (see below).

(AP Photo/Rahmatullah Naikzad)

Naikzad was detained once before for two days after the incident in which he stood by as the Taliban murdered two women. One wonders if this time he'll actually be charged with something?

If nothing else, it looks as if Naikzad had a rather "chummy" relationship with the Taliban. This makes him a perfect candidate for a job with al Jazeera. But an American company like the Associated Press? Shame on them. Congress ought to investigate (but they won't).

We know which side al Jazeera is on, but who's side is AP on?

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