September 19, 2010

Video: Iran Doll


Reader request:

I am contacting you to share information about an important cause and upcoming event that I think may interest you and your readers.

A week from now, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad - war criminal, Holocaust denier, and self-proclaimed enemy of the West - is going to spew his disgusting brand of “hate speak” at the United Nations.(He is here now...ed)

Iran180, a coalition of organizations opposed to his insanity, is fighting back - and we need your help. Let your readers know that they can take action and help send a “message to Mahmoud” by signing a declaration on our website, or by joining us on our Facebook page.

We’re calling for a 180 in Iran - that means an end to this madman’s dangerous pursuit of nuclear weapons, and laying a new foundation of human rights for the Iranian people[...]

PS: We’re going to be running a edgy, dynamic “street event” the day of the speech (the 23rd) at the UN. Stay tuned for more.

Follow us on Twitter @Iran180!

Sign the declaration and join their group at facebook if you so choose.

Oh, and, feck Mahmoud and the mad mullah's..

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