September 17, 2010

Calling All Photoshop Pros: Ar-Raya (Flag of Jihad/Shahadah) Needs Flames

I want to burn the black flag of jihad virtually and need flames and stuff..I suck so am asking all readers for help.

Flame this feckin flag please, this is what we are fighting:

Ar Raya.jpg

Or, a door mat like this to p*ss on with caption "heh, splodey dope wanna be" or...........use your imagination.


Qu'ran burning, Draw Mohammed Day meet Ar-Raya p*ss/fire on Ar-Raya day..

Update: DMartyr's (had 3) entry:


Burn baby, burn.

Update II: thanks to Im Flippin the Raya

A piece of rocky desert moonscape , the blood red sun is setting in the background. There are “expended” mujahideen strewn about. A few, riderless warhorses are wandering aimlessly, reins dragging. In the foreground a shredded al-Raya lies in the dirt , speared through by the shaft of RavenWraithe’s battle standard, (twin Ravens perched on human skulls). Countless big Northern Ravens are circling overhead, and on the ground there are two Ravens plucking video thumbnail pics out of the hollow eye sockets of the “expended” mujahideen. The soundtrack is Twisted Sisters “We’re Not Gonna Take It”.......

Niiiiice...lets virtually burn/p*ss on the Ar-Raya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Poopin on the Ar-Raya?

From "guest"

guest_ar raya.jpg

Doormat? Yessss, thanks to Star

raya_door mat.jpg

Keep 'em coming people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We're Ghey(Soo true) thanks to WhoCaresAnymore, busting a gut here

raya_we are ghey.gif

Again from Star, T Paper, wipe your arse with this:

raya_t paper.jpg

Come on people, I know there is more of you out there.....

Update: More:

From Nicholae Kzintius (see comments, this one not loading correctly)


WhoCaresAnyMore? Flipped da alQaeda logo:


Thanks everyone!

Update II: More - Ace Tomato:

raya_ace tomato.jpg

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