September 15, 2010

Shariah a threat to US, security pros report say

A group of high-ranking Democrat and Republican intelligence, military and national security officials are set to release a report today, "Shariah: The Threat to America", at a press conference on Capitol Hill this afternoon. Included in the group is former CIA Director James Woolsey, former DIA director Lt. Gen. Harry Soyster, former Defense Undersecretary for Intelligence Lt Gen. Jerry Boykin and former Clinton federal prosecutor Andy McCarthy.

Here's a sneek peek from Bill Gertz at the Washington Times:

Frank Gaffney, director of the Center for Security Policy, said the Obama administration's policy is based on an incorrect assumption. The Team B report seeks to expose flaws in anti-terror programs, including the policy of not referring to al Qaeda and similar groups as "Islamist" to avoid offending Muslims, he said.

"What if it turns out that some of the people the Obama administration has been embracing are actually promoting the same totalitarian ideology and seditious agenda as al Qaeda, only they're doing it from White House Iftar dinners?" said Mr. Gaffney, referring to the daily meal eaten by Muslims to break their fast during Ramadan.

The group of experts was modeled after the official CIA Team B, whose 1976 contrary analysis said U.S. intelligence assessments had underestimated Soviet nuclear forces. That Team B report led to the military buildup under the Reagan administration.

John Brennan, deputy White House national security adviser for counterterrorism, told The Washington Times in June that he disagrees that "there is an Islamic dimension to terrorism."

The administration's policy of not using the word Islam and its derivatives to describe today's fundamentalist terrorists is aimed at "not according these individuals any religious legitimacy," he said.

But I suspect this report will make the case that Al-Qaeda might actually have religious legitimacy in light of Islam's call for global domination and jihad waged against all who do not submit.

The report will be available online after 12:30pm today at this link at the Center for Security Policy.

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