September 08, 2010

Barry Rubin: Possible burning of one Koran, definite burning of one million news stories

A taste:

Nowadays, the United States can easily win any tolerance competition in the world. On the other hand, a lot of Americans are very much in the race with the rest of the world about who can be the most anti-American.

What is never pointed out is that the threatened action's equivalent—which, remember, hasn’t even happened yet and has no institutional or widespread support—happens daily in dozens of locations throughout the Middle East and the Muslim-majority world, not at the hands of marginal nut-jobs with no following but from powerful political and religious figures or media outlets with huge bases of support.

Every day, there are massive lies told intended to incite people to hate the West and America, Christians and Jews. Every day, Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, and Jews are being persecuted and in some cases driven out of Muslim majority countries with no one in the Western power establishment even noticing, must less protesting.

Unfortunately, it is sadly true that the Muslim majority areas of the world are to bigoted racists what Saudi Arabia is to oil; Newcastle is to coal; Florida is to orange; and Hollywood is to movies.

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