September 08, 2010

Hollywood: 79 - 6 In Which Someone Other than Muslims Are the Bad Guys

In this "charged atmosphere" of "Islamophobia" Mark Humphries answers the question I asked yesterday about how many movies Hollywood has produced in which Muslims were the bad guys.

He finds 79 movies in which the CIA, "corporations", the British or the American government are the antagonists.

He finds only 6 in which Islamists are ever the bad guys. Of the six I don't think there's a single one in which all Muslims are portrayed as bad or which could be taken by a rational person as somehow painting Islam in general negatively.

I know, he's looking at Islamists -- those in favor of political Islam -- and my question was about Muslims, but a quick look at the 79 doesn't seem to indicate that the two terms are nearly interchangeable in this context.

But I do appreciate the delineation. Especially in movies like The Kingdom where Muslims are portrayed as both the good guys and the bad guys, but the bad guys are Salafi jihadists.

In the rest of the 79 movies Muslims are either not a factor, are the good guys, or are portrayed as victims of the West.

And where there are terrorists nearly all of them are fronts for corporatioins, false flag operations run by the CIA or other government institutions, or some other non-existent anything-but-Islamist group.

Yet were constantly told America is an Islamophobic country and that Islam is under attack here because ... a single small church in Florida might burn a few copies of the Quran?

Did the Hollywood of the Greatest Generation do it this way?

Go read the whole thing.

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