September 07, 2010

Bombshell: Canadian Terror Suspects Tied to MasterCard Backed Islamic Charity (bumped)

I alluded to the connection between three terror suspects recently arrested in Canada and a charity which is backed by MasterCard last week. Over the weekend Square Mile Wife put the connections together. Both her post and that of Blazing Cat Fur's are must reads.

Let me quote from SMW as a teaser:

Dr. Khurram Sher, one of the accused, is an officer of the RS Foundation. .... Dr. Sher (yes, this is the former Canadian Idol contestant who had recently been hired on by a hospital in a small Ontario town) was living in a rather pricey neighborhood, in a house owned by Dr. Fasahat Wasty [ed note: antisemitic head of the Islamic charity which MasterCard is backing]....

One of the other terror suspects, Misbahuddin Ahmed (an Xray technician arrested in Ottawa) was active in the online community, and according to the National Post was involved in Montreal's branch of the Al Maghrib institute. Also tied to this institute is Dr. Wasty's wife, Zeba Hashmi who's brother founded the institute....

Ahmed's brother-in-law and sister ran an Islamic children's magazine called Recess Kids which boasted advice from a "Dr. Sher" and carried advertisements for the RS Foundation....

What ties all these suspects together? The Muslim Ball Hockey League in Montreal and the RS Foundation. When SMW began investigating the RS Foundation I found that numerous board members and their buddies were all playing in this Muslim Ball Hockey League, posting stuff on Montreal based Muslims forums about the ball hockey league, etc

Read the rest.

So, the three suspects knew each other because they played street hockey together in a league sponsored by an Islamic "charity" that MasterCard helps sponsor. That "charity" might also run by a relative of one of the suspects. And we know that the man who runs the charity is also an antisemitic Islamofascist.

MasterCard gives money to this charity every time a Muslim uses its sharia compliant credit card. One has to wonder what the money given to the "charity" is used for and whether or not MasterCard is unknowingly giving financial support to terrorists?

UPDATE 9/9: Just to clarify, the Dr. Wasty mentioned above is NOT the Wasty running the charity -- but there probably is a family connection given all the other connections.

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