August 30, 2010

Predictable: Canadian Jihadi Tied to Mastercard Islamic Charity

Remember the moon-walking, Avril Lavigne singing Canadian idol guy who was just indicted for terrorism? Well, no surprise here but one of the three indicted in the plot, Misbahuddin Ahmed, used to raise money for an Islamic "charity" the RS Foundation:

For years, he played ball hockey at a biannual charity tournament for Muslim men based in Montreal, which raises funds for the Canadian-based RS Foundation (helping impoverished people in Bangladesh, India and Pakistan, according to its website).
You'll remember the RS Foundation as headed by 9/11 Truther and terror apologist Shujaat Wasty. This would be the same foundation supported by MasterCard's iFreedom shariah compliant credit card. In essence, whenever Muslims use this particular MasterCard, a portion of the proceeds go to the RS Foundation.

Any surprise that a would be terrorist would raise funds for a "charity" by an antisemitic, conspiracy prone, terror apologist?

And apparently this is just the tip of the iceberg. I have it on good authority that others arrested in the plot were also involved in the RS Foundation, and that the Foundation's ties to the terror plot also run deeper. More on that when Square Mile Wife gets off the road.

In the mean time, Blazing Cat Fur has more.

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