August 27, 2010

Instead of Quoting Anchroman and Taladega Nights, They Say Allahu akbar ... Then Cut of Someone's Head

Wired has a post up about a documentary made by an Norwegian journalist who was able to get himself embedded in a Taliban unit. The last time I checked, Norway was in Afghanistan fighting the Taliban. Doesn't that make Paul Refsdal a traitor?

Tell me how embedding with enemy forces during a time of war makes you anything less than a traitor?

Interesting film footage? Yes. Insightful? No.

For instance, this:

“These guys sound and act a lot like a U.S. small unit, but replace all the quotes from ‘Anchorman’ and ‘Talladega Nights’ with ‘Allahu Akbar,’” observes Andrew Exum of the Center for a New American Security.
Right. Just like us. Except for the part when they cut off the heads of apostates.

Exactly. Like. Us.

It's the same tripe that we get from the ignorant who think that the way people act in their personal lives somehow informs us of the political and social systems which they support. Individual behavior is not linked to political systems.

The most evil people in the world act in normal ways 99% of the time. They eat, drink, have families, love people, are nice to friends and neighbors, etc.

It's the 1% of the time you have to worry about. When they're busy beating their wives, sodomizing young boys, or stoning adulteresses.

If any one still finds it surprising that evil people act normally most of the time: Get. A. F*cking. Clue.

Other than that, I hope our intel guys are combing through the video for tactical information.

Thanks to Red.

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