August 22, 2010

Flush the Trauma of 9/11

Maureen Dowd knows how to compound insults. In today's NYT column, she attributes the ground zero mosque controversy on "national lunacy" founded on the inability of Americans to "flush the trauma of 9/11 out of their systems."

The dispute over the Islamic center has tripped some deep national lunacy. The unbottled anger and suspicion concerning ground zero show that many Americans haven’t flushed the trauma of 9/11 out of their systems — making them easy prey for fearmongers.
Dowd goes on to claim that America is Islamophobic and prejudiced which she blames on radio-host Rush Limbaugh and evangelist Franklin Graham.

Frankly, I suggest it's insulting to label Americans as Islamophobic and prejudiced lunatics. Also, it's offensive and disrespectful to say we should flush the trauma of 3,000 murdered Americans.

In all candor, the person who professes a philosophy that Americans should pretend that 9/11 didn't happen, flushing it from memory, is notches closer to the top of the ladder of lunacy than most Americans.

Of course, if I've misunderstood what Ms. Dowd is saying, I encourage her to leave a comment and provide clarification.

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