August 18, 2010

Huff & Puff's Progressive Meetu Mahil: America Is At Fault For Terrorism/Homegrown Terrorist

Amazing how these assho**s spew terrorist propaganda. Her post is so f**ed up Huff & Puff readers haven't even commented on it... or are afraid too.

I wonder if Meetu Mahil is a friend of that stupid beotch Linda RichardsTaliba al-Quran, sure as hell sounds like it.

A few choice paragraphs:

Like everyone in America, I took classes in US and world history in high school. But throughout this education, generally speaking, I was only taught the more appealing side of the American story. College offered a kind of awakening. I had a professor there named Dr. David Andrus, who felt obliged to lift the veil of the American narrative for his eager students. He emphasized the many mistakes, wrongs and horrifying injustices (many of them kept secret for as long as possible) in America's short history to persuade his students to adopt careers working to prevent future ones.

Investigation into the dark side of American history, including the secret wars we had fought, the democracies we had sabotaged, the leaders we had tried to assassinate, and the dictators we installed and supported, understandably inspired me to anger. Anger at being lied to, anger at just finding out, and anger at what my otherwise generous nation had done to others throughout the world in the name of my freedom.

I was a sophomore in 2001, and shortly after 9/11, I joined a number of anti-war organizations such as the Blue Triangle Organization, which tried in vain to keep track of the many deportations occurring at that time. It was a normal and non-violent response to that intoxicating concoction of youth, hormones, college living, and upending, morally troubling new information[...]

Zachary's trajectory to train in terrorism represents the other side of that spectrum: an extreme reaction to his own personal conflicts and those he saw between what America pretends to be and what it often really is. There is something the government can do to mute such angst, which, in its most extreme, can present a with a national security threat[...]

America must acknowledge and apologize for the horrendous and violent atrocities it has committed throughout its history. In doing so, passionate objectors, maladjusted adolescents, and disillusioned immigrants may be more readily dissuaded to lay down their rage, their righteous frustration, and their stupefaction at the dark shadow of American history[...]

As early as middle school, children are ready to learn the truth about America. Instead of teaching our kids, as the Texas' Board of Education has chosen to, that America's history is an exemplar of virtue, we must reconstruct our national historical curriculum to more truthfully mirror our past. There are plenty of books and perspectives that reflect a more honest version of American history; Howard Zinn,["How can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism?"
— Howard Zinn..ed] Noam Chomsky ["Everyone’s worried about stopping terrorism. Well, there’s really an easy way: Stop participating in it
— Noam Chomsky..ed], and Amy Goodman must be introduced to our youth far sooner than college.

What threatens our future more than any tribe in Afghanistan is a past that strengthens recruitment for Al Qaeda and creates boys like Zachary Chesser. Our selective denial stokes the very embers we have been trying to put out for nearly a decade in place where empires go to die. What America needs more than anything else right now are friends and sympathetic audiences. From radicals at the far reaches of the world, to the maligned newcomer, to the wealthy 20-year unable to successfully adjust to social and academic life in college, we need enemies and future enemies to believe in our ability to change, repent, and make amends. [...]

Zachary Chesser might have gone to grad school instead of prison; may have dabbled with various religions instead of extremely misunderstanding one, and may have become an activist writer who truly believed that the pen was mightier than the sword. Unfortunately, in a way his future was written in part by a country that, with too many enemies to count, is also paying the extremely high price of self-delusion and silence.

Ummm, Mahil, you feckin disgust me pushing anachist/hard core radical/George Soros/jihadist propaganda.

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