August 18, 2010

A day late and a dollar short: federal grand jury meets to consider evidence against Samir Khan (sticky)

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From NPR's Dina Temple-Reston: N.C. Man Tied To Jihad Magazine Faces Charges.

I don't believe for a moment that Samir simply left the United States to join with Awlaki in producing al-Qaida's Inspire magazine. You don't just book a flight to Yemen to study Arabic without someone in the United States government reviewing the evidence and deciding whether or not to drop you on the no-fly list, arrest you at the airport, etc. And you sure as hell don't just leave the USA to go to Yemen if you are Samir Khan. Samir was allowed to leave. You also cannot just enter Yemen without providing documents proving that your own government has signed-off on your proposed course of study (or without a connection on the ground in Yemen who can make sure you get through security on that end).

Samir having flown the coop, and Inspire having been produced, it was left to other government agencies to try and surround the release of the magazine with as much fear, uncertainty, and doubt as possible. We can all feel good about that part of the story - the magazine is highly radioactive: download and possess it at your own risk.

Meanwhile, back in Yemen, Samir is homesick, and has been in contact with friends back in Charlotte. He can no more teach at university in Sa'ana than can his mentor Sheikh Anwar, and having been publicly exposed as the producer of Inspire, there are few places he can travel to. His options?

• Turn himself in at the US Embassy

• Wait for the fly team to come and snatch him

• Die as collateral damage when Awlaki meets his Hellfire missile

• Travel to Somalia where, between bouts of malaria, he might just make a adequate suicide bomber. Insha'allah shaheed?

Over to you, Rusty...

UPDATE by Rusty
: What more can I say other than I'm ecstatic that someone is finally getting around to taking Khan seriously. A little late? Definitely. But were Khan still in the US then the Hellfire missile option comes off the table. And of all my dark fantasies, that is the one that brings the biggest smile to my face.

Let me also point out this from the Charlotte Observer:

NPR said at least six Muslim men in the Charlotte area have been interviewed by FBI agents in recent weeks and have received grand jury subpoenas.
Lying to the FBI and to a Grand Jury is a federal offense. Unless Samir's buddies have all jumped ship, then the other good news here is that more indictments may be forthcoming.

Yes, I'm thinking of specifically of you Fursan al Islam.

Let me also add that if there was a central player in the nexus of the would-be al Qaeda in the United States it was not Yousef al-Khattab or Jesse "Younes Abdullah" Morton as some have suggested. It was Samir Khan.

So, the decision to let Khan get on an airplane bound for Yemen is mystifying.

I'm not sure what threat matrix one uses to come to the conclusion that Khan, the chief propagandist and agitator on behalf of al Qaeda in the US could leave, but a minor player like Zachary Chesser would be prevented from getting on the plane.

Perhaps there is a legal distinction between one who agitates on behalf of terrorists, like Khan, and one who volunteers to become a mujahid for terrorists, like Chesser.

Legalities aside, I think there is no moral distinction. And, in fact, if one were to measure the damage done by Joseph Goebells and compare that against a Nazi foot soldier I believe that one must inevitably come to the conclusion that the former was much more dangerous then the latter.

Samir Khan now ranks with Adam Gadahn as a traitor who is actively recruiting on behalf of a terrorist organization. Let's hope the Grand Jury charges him with treason, and not with "material aid" or some other nonsense.

Also, should he find himself exploding I hope we can all agree that this is a good thing and tell Glenn Beck and the rest who complain about "killing an American without so much as a trial" to STFU. This is no more a problem then killing the American born Nazis who fought with Hitler's Army. You join the enemy, you become a military combatant. You do not need a court order to kill a military combatant.

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