August 15, 2010

Why Is The Ground Zero Mosque Removing Web Pages & Changing It's Name?

Update date on Mad Mullah's Also Involved In Ground Zero Mosque?

Creeping Sharia

More deception and dishonesty from Imam Rauf.

Claudia Rosett, as Thomas Lifson points out at American Thinker, is watching parts of the Feisal Rauf’s Ground Zero mosque website disappear before her very eyes.

So where right now is Rauf? Still in Malaysia? Sipping tea with who-knows-whom in the Middle East? Jetting between Southeast Asia and the Gulf at U.S. taxpayer expense?

And while he’s on these travels, what’s going on with the web site of his Cordoba Initiative? Last week, after someone in his Malaysia office referred all questions back to his office in New York, the phone number and address of his office in Malaysia quietly vanished from the Cordoba web site. Roughly around the same time, as Anne Bayefsky noticed and explained in a Pajamas Media post this week, Rauf’s Cordoba Initiative web site also erased a photo showing Rauf meeting in Malaysia a while back with an Iranian official, Mohammad Javad Larijani who, as Bayefsky explained, “was the Iranian official who defended Iran’s abysmal human rights record before the UN Human Rights Council in February and June of this year.”

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The Cordoba Initiatvie website is now currently under construction. Sneaky deaky things going on especially after Obi One endorsed the Ground Zero mosque.

File this under Domestic Dhimmis/Stealth Jihad

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