August 09, 2010

Germany: Mosque Used By 9/11 Attackers Shut Down

For praying/planning for jihad/holy war

Shout out to John Brennan, jihad also means holy war.

BERLIN -- A small Hamburg mosque once frequented by Sept. 11 attackers was shut down and searched Monday because German authorities believed the prayer house was again being used as a meeting point for Islamic radicals.

The Taiba mosque was closed and the cultural association that runs it was banned, officials in the northern German city of Hamburg said.

The homes of leading members of the cultural association were also searched and the group's assets were confiscated, Hamburg's state government said in a statement.

The prayer house, until two years ago known as the al-Quds mosque, was a meeting and recruiting point years ago for some of the Sept. 11 attackers before they moved to the United States, authorities say. Sept. 11 ringleader Mohamed Atta as well as attackers Marwan al-Shehhi and Ziad Jarrah had studied in Hamburg and frequented the al-Quds mosque.

"We have closed the mosque because it was a recruiting and meeting point for Islamic radicals who wanted to participate in so-called jihad or holy war," said Frank Reschreiter, a spokesman for the Hamburg state interior ministry.

He said 20 police officers were searching the building and had confiscated material, including several computers. He said he had no information about any arrests.

Luckily, the stupid wannabe mujahid acted stupidly by using the mosque again to plain terrorist acts. Kinda like Revolution Muslim's wannabe mujahid Zach Chesser, whose stupidity resulted in his arrest.

BTW, where is Waldo Jesse Morton aka Younes Abdullah of Revolution Muslim? Did the conference with convicted terrorist Omar the goat humping Bakri Mohammed, and other notables, wear him out? Goat humping can be tiring I suppose.

Watch your six Jesse, watch your six.

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