August 03, 2010

Columbus Dispatch reporter Meredith "Hijab" Heagney lives up to her name with front page article defending niqab, burqa and hijab

We've written before about Columbus Dispatch reporter Meredith "Hijab" Heagney, particularly her penchant for wandering around the terror-tied Noor Islamic Cultural Center asking questions while wearing a hijab:

NICC - Heagney3.jpg

Now "Hijab" Heagney lives up to her name, publishing a front page article in the Columbus Dispatch last Friday that hails the hijab, niqab and burqa as hallmarks of women's liberation entitled, "Islamic veils: free choice or oppression".

Guess where she lands on the issue? Here's a hint with a quote that closes the article: "This is not an issue that needs to be taken to a political level. It's a personal thing. Nobody needs to feel insecure about it."

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