August 02, 2010

Hmmmm: Zach and Sammy Co-Blogging Butt Buddies?

In all of the MSM coverage of Samir Khan becoming al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula's media guy, and Zachary Chesser being, well, an asshat willing to take his infant kid to Somalia so he could fight jihad, I haven't learned a single thing. Okay, maybe one thing: Mrs. Chesser's real first name.

The way it works around here is that the MSM reads us, steals our material, and then claims they are doing investigative journalism. Funny how journalism these days means Google and a phone call to an "expert". And these people look down on bloggers?

But in this CNN post on the traitors in and around the Revolution Muslim and Islamic Thinkers Society I did learn this one thing:

In September 2009, Khan introduced Chesser as a new blogger on his site.
I'm assuming someone over at the ADL fed that to CNN? If that's the case, then it's probably pretty solid info and would go a long way at explaining why Zach was arrested when he was.

Querry for those in the know: so would that mean Zach is "Revolution" or that he is "Tarbiya" over at Sammy's old digs?

PS: Note to CNN -- Samir's old blog was called "The Ignored Puzzles Pieces of Knowledge", not "Jihad Recollections". "Jihad Recollections" was the name of his magazine. Call us next time you want your facts straight.

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