July 30, 2010

Islamic Jihadi aka Ibn Ali al-Turki Makes Dua For All Zionists To Be Executed (Updated)

Generic dua death threat? What a twit he/she is

First, Islamic Jihadi aka Ibn Ali al-Turki tweeted to make dua for execution of Pam Geller of Atlas Shrugs. Next he/she makes dua for execution of StarCMC. Lastly, he tweeted a reminder to make dua for execution of Atlas Shrugs

Now that I have entered the picture the wimp has made dua for execution of all Zionists. Coward, won't even name me which means he/she is coming closer to being Jawa's bitch.

islamic jihadi_Ibn.gif

BTW Ibn, removed the bottle out of your butt yet, or did you remove it from Abdullah's bottom? Inquiring minds want to know...

Thanks to ImFlippingTheRaya

Update: Ibn pulled the above tweet about deleting replies and his/her's generic dua for execution of all so called Zionist followers of his tweets. I have a special image for you Ibn, it's below the fold.

Again, thanks to ImFlippingTheRaya who has been following this ehadi for a long time.


Hot Tip About Revolution Muslims Younes Abdullah Mohammad From One In The Know (Islamic Jihadi aka Ibn Ali al-Turki)
Zach Chesser aka Abu Talhah Amrikee Follower? "Make Dua For Pamela Geller To Be Executed"?


Islamic Jihadi, you definitely are going to be my/Jawa's bitch bitch

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