July 30, 2010

Hot Tip About Revolution Muslims Younes Abdullah Mohammad From One In The Know (Islamic Jihadi aka Ibn Ali al-Turki)


A friend of Revolution Muslims Younes Abdullah Mohammad (Younes is the one on the left of Zach above) tweeted Younes fell of the wagon when learning of Zach Chesser aka Abu Talhah Al Amrikee's arrest. He got a taste of what Zach is going through right now and possibly the fact Zach may rat him out. Zach did sing like a canary when caught.

Hmm, I wonder how he will explain this away on his online conference this weekend with convicted terrorist Omar the goat humping Bakri Mohammed. Maybe he can refer to the goat humpers pole dancing daughter Yasmin Fastok (image probably not safe for work) or sumptin.

Thanks to Star who swears the "friend" is a female and it was the other way around. What say you friend aka Ibn Ali al-Turki (Islamic Jihadi)?

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