July 27, 2010

Murdered by the Taliban: Justin McNeley


His name was Justin McNeley. Despite his uniform shown in the ISAF photo, it turns out he was a sailor after all. He was a Petty Officer 2nd Class in the Navy and serving on a reconstruction team. Here is a photo stream of McNeley at a party thrown in his honor by the Patriot Riders just prior to his deployment last year. If it doesn't move you to tears, then you need to turn in your patriotism card. The image above is from the that stream.

Since his body was not found near the vehicle he was driving at the time that he went missing, we can presume that the Taliban took him alive.

It is possible that he was seriously wounded when he was taken hostage and that he died of those wounds later. Or it is possible that the Taliban only needed one hostage and that they murdered him.

Not one willing to give the Taliban the benefit of the doubt, I'm going with they murdered him.

May God bless his family and console them in their time of anguish. And may He punish the men who fight our troops in an effort to establish an Islamofascist regime.

My only hope is that he was able to take some of the Taliban out before he was killed. Rest in peace Justin McNeley. Rest in peace.

We still don't know the identity of the other sailor captured by the Taliban. A guest commenter in our previous thread about him made a good point that the reason we haven't seen a proof of life photo or a hostage video is that it is likely that the Taliban are trying to transport him to a more secure location, presumably in Pakistan, and that they are still on the move.

God speed the warriors who are, even as I write this, searching for our missing sailor. If any one knows his name, please email me.


UPDATE: Not sure which one is McNeley and which one is the missing soldier. The photo below was ID'd in one MSM article as McNeley, but I'm told otherwise by someone else. Kind of hard to tell given McNeley's mustache in all the photos of him, but I think the pic above looks more like McNeley and the pic below is that of the missing sailor. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

UPDATE: A friend of Justin's emails and says that the picture above is definitely that of McNeley. Thank you. Our prayers are with you and all those that knew him.

UPDATE: The US Navy has just released the name of the sailor taken hostage by the Taliban: Jarod Newlove. Our prayers also go out to the Newlove family.

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