July 26, 2010

UN Silent as Pali Rockets Fire on Israel

Where's the outrage?

The Israeli army said Saturday evening that four projectiles from Gaza landed in Israeli territory over the weekend.

Israeli media reported that two homemade projectile landed in the coastal city of Asheklon on Saturday, causing no injuries or damage.

Earlier, the Israeli news site Yedioth Ahronoth reported that a projectile landed in Nahal Oz, in northern Israel, with no casualties reported.

Meanwhile, an unexploded projectile believed to have been launched on Friday was found near a kibbutz in southern Israel, the news site reported.

Okay, so the Palis really suck when it comes to aiming these things. You can't blame them for not trying!

Is any one keeping a grand total on the number of rockets fired on Israel from both Gaza and Lebanon vs. the number of times the UN has condemned these acts of terror?

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