July 24, 2010

The Summer That Wasn't

kneeIMG00000_thumb.jpgYeah yeah blog Howie.

OK well....how this?

Something something complete.

Something something dark side.

First of all I want dibs on the slogan/jingle for "testosterone precursors" as follows:

Its like cereal for your balls!

Its awkward when Glenn Beck is sad.

Zack Chesser is Ghey or better at least consider getting used to it. If Mrs. Chesser is lonely, I'm here for you baby.

I've also been working on a cover of the Sanford and Son theme song in which the horn section is replaced by the lyrics, "Lick my penis."

The cure for blog/internet addiction may be time released Morphine Sulfate but more research must be done before we can be sure.

I have 400 emails and 35 degrees to go on "Make your knee strait."

I'll try and update ya'll after the tea party is over at Hatter's.

Ur uhh all I have. I blame the TEEVEEE.


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