July 20, 2010

Ghazawat Washington Conference

Be advised that the Ghazawat Washington Conference is scheduled for July 31 beginning at 10 AM EDT. Note that "Ghazawat" is defined as 'battles to expand Muslim territory.'

Ghazawat Washington is a global conference which will seek answers to "how much longer can the kuffar be able to fight against the deen [religion or 'way of life'] of Islam and the necessary steps needed for victory."


Topic 1 The American Crusade by Younus Abdullah (Revolution Muslim)

Topic 2 The Failure of the plots of Kufar by Anjem Choudary

Topic 3 Steps towards victory by Abu Waleed

Topic 4 History repeats itself by Sheikh Abdullah Faisal

Topic 5 Conquest of Washington by Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad

Obviously, the conference is not going to address peace, diversity and tolerance. The conference will discuss victory over non-believers and taking control. The names of the participants are likely familiar.

The event will be broadcast globally on Paltalk room "Authentic Tawheed" and also live streamed on:

www.salafimedia.com, and

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