July 20, 2010

Times Square bomb "would have killed thousands"

New York Post

Had he built the Times Square device the way he had originally intended to, terrorist Faisal Shahzad, would have turned his SUV and nearby vehicles into a fatal spray of razor-sharp fragments and transformed building windows into glass guillotines hurtling to the streets, cutting down hundreds of people walking by.

Shahzad's homemade bomb -- on which he substituted less effective, cheaper components for the more expensive and deadly components he had planned to use -- was left in the back seat of his parked SUV in the middle of Times Square, where it smoldered but failed to detonate.

At the end of June, the FBI built its replica of the bomb and exploded it outside Harrisburg, Pa., to test its destructive force, sources said.

The results of the explosive test were sobering -- showing that Shahzad was on track to becoming the biggest individual mass murderer in US history, several sources said.

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