July 19, 2010

Youths Riot in France

(Grenoble, France) Two consecutive nights of rioting followed Thursday's fatal shooting of 27-year-old Karim Boudouda during a police chase after a casino robbery. It's been determined that the police acted in self-defense.

The incident triggered an outbreak of car burnings and violent attacks against police by "hoodlums and delinquents" carrying bats, knives and guns in the largely-immigrant sections of Grenoble.

The immigrant population is comprised chiefly of sub-Saharan Africans and North Africans who suffer from high unemployment and seemingly nothing to occupy themselves on hot summer nights other than drinking, doping and committing crimes.

The mayor of Grenoble, Michel Destot, said police had arrested 19 people for offences including drug trafficking and arms possession. He described the suburb as largely immigrant and poor, with an unemployment rate of more that 30 percent.

"Villeneuve is a working-class neighbourhood where the difficulty is that the population is not mixed enough and people have been weakened by the economic crisis," he told Reuters.

"There has been a rise in the underground economy and a relatively small gang of youth have imposed their law and created a climate of extreme insecurity."

Many French cities are encircled by suburbs plagued by high unemployment, crime, poor public services and drug trafficking.

Notably, after reviewing six different media sources, only one identified the rioters as Muslim youths. Hoodlums and delinquents, without reference to the fact they are Muslim, are the politically correct terms employed by most media.

In conclusion, Muslim youths torching cars in Europe could arguably be considered a form of summer recreation. Years of evidence supports the contention that it's hardly newsworthy. Sadly, it's expected.

However, what is newsworthy is the ominous eventuality that, given enough baby-making time, Muslim youths will be burning cars in North America.

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