July 18, 2010

Sheriff Arpaio's .50-Cal Crime Sweeper

(Phoenix, Arizona) Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is undeterred by the controversy over Arizona's soon-to-be-effective immigration law. While the federal government is suing Arizona regarding the law, Sheriff Joe employs a bigger and more effective gun in immigration enforcement.

Although the next crime suppression operation had been announced for July 29, Arpaio said the one-day sweep was executed sooner due to reports of many drug and immigrant smugglers activity through the Vekol Valley.

Arpaio ordered the deployment of a powerful belt-fed .50 caliber machine gun to be on site during the operation to ensure deputies' safety, as there have been recent reports of violence in the desolate desert areas.

“If anyone shoots at our deputies, they are going to have a problem,” said Arpaio in a news conference in the minutes prior to the sweep.

You've got to hand it to Arpaio, sometimes called "America's Sheriff." While activists and protesters clamor for the rights of illegal aliens, Sheriff Joe brandishes a new .50 caliber machine gun. (video)

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