July 15, 2010

Fired Ohio Homeland Security official Omar Alomari didn't inform agency he had worked as top official in Jordanian government

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In the wake of our exclusive Jawa Report investigation into the meltdown at Ohio Homeland Security, which resulted in the firing of multicultural affairs officer Omar Alomari two weeks ago, we have new details about information that Alomari had withheld from his employers (and they apparently were uninterested in finding out).

We have obtained a copy of the internal Ohio Homeland Security administrative investigation report concerning Alomari, and the new details about his work history he failed to disclose in his job application and background investigation (if you can call it that) is shocking.

In the investigative report (#2010-0331) dated June 3rd by Kathleen Bourke, ODPS administrative investigator, she recounts her interview with Alomari (among the causes for his termination were that he lied during this investigation). On page 4 of her report, she notes:

Mr. Alomari wanted to add that he thought it was more important to list what was relevant on his application. He said he also worked for the government in Jordan, but none of that was listed on his employment application. I asked if he listed these other employers on his resume, and he said he has so many resumes that he is not sure.

That's right, Jawa Report readers, not only was Omar Alomari a lying scumbag, but he was previously a high-ranking official in the Jordanian government. Who until his firing had been working as a top official in Ohio Homeland Security, headed by its director William Vedra, who vigorously defended Alomari's character and reputation, telling a roomful of local law enforcement officials that "there isn't a better man in the room". Less than a month later, ODPS opened their investigation following our exclusive report on Alomari's troubled work history.

Any comment on Alomari's "sterling character" now, Bill Vedra?

In fact, in the appendices to the ODPS investigative report, we discover that Alomari had served as a top adviser to Jordan's Minister of Labor Issam Ajlouni. A former agent of a foreign government working in a sensitive position in our homeland security apparatus. And he fails to disclose this information to his employer Ohio Homeland Security -- what could go wrong?

Let me add that Columbus Dispatch has had a copy of this same administrative investigative report for more than two weeks, and has only reported that Alomari had not disclosed his previous firing by a local community college (we'll have more on that later) -- which had previously been reported here at the Jawa Report. Not a word about Alomari's former position with the Jordanian government which he also concealed from the department. No doubt those stories about nasty racist teabaggers keeps the Columbus Dispatch busy.

Maybe it's just my rampant Islamophobia and teabaggery, but perhaps we shouldn't hire former top foreign government officials to serve in our homeland security agencies? Just a thought.

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