July 08, 2010

Three Arrested In Norway On Suspected Terror Links


Norwegian police arrested three men suspected of having ties to Al-Qaeda on charges of preparing terrorist attacks, possibly in the U.K. and U.S.

The three men, all in their thirties and of Iraqi-Kurdish, Uzbek and Uighur origins, were apprehended in Oslo and in Germany in cooperation with German police today.

The Associated Press reported the suspects were planning attacks with portable explosives, similar to those employed in last year’s foiled plot to bomb New York subways, citing unidentified officials. The planned attacks may have been organized by Salah al-Somali, Al-Qaeda’s former chief of external operations who was killed in a CIA drone attack last year, AP said, citing the officials.

Another interesting tidbit from the article:

“The time of the arrests however, was influenced by the fact that at the end of last week we received information that the case would be reported in international media. We therefore did not quite choose the timing of this ourselves, but we believe we have a solid case.”

The Jawa Report has covered Salah al-Somali's involvement in the thwarted NYC subway bombing. Is the expected "international media" report tied to the NYC subway attempt? Good chance.

I hope the US Military has a hellfire with Salah's name on it.

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