July 05, 2010

Academic Freedom in India: Professor Gets Hands Chopped off for Defaming Islam

Okay, so it wasn't the government that chopped this poor guy's hand off -- it was a group of Islamists. But you'll notice that prior to the minions of the ROP catching up from him on his way home from church that his university had suspended him for writing an exam question deemed defamatory to jihadis. Since I find it hard to believe that any one could object to defaming jihadis, I can only assume that this means he said something offensive about Islam.

The last time I checked academic freedom was supposed to be about protecting ideas deemed controversial. I can think of no other idea today as controversial as the notion that political Islam is every bit as evil as Nazism or communism.

Jihad Watch:

Five Jihadi fanatics today chopped of the hands of Malayalam Professor.

A Malayalam professor T J Joseph of the Newman College, who is under suspension for preparing a defamatory question for an exam paper, was attacked by a gang of five men at Muvatupuzha when he was coming back from church.

His crime - A question prepared by the professor for a Exam was offensive to Jihadis.

Of course, this is India, a country which once banned The Jawa Report after blaming us -- not the terrorists -- for an attack in Mumbai. Apparently we provoked them.

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