July 05, 2010

Obama To Create 5000 Jobs

Ronin: Awesome! Excellent work Obama. Finally, taking care of business and kicking some ass. Yah! Tell me about your plan.

Obama: Well, we're going to create 5000 jobs.

Ronin: How are you going to do that Mr. President?

Obama: Well, I'm giving almost 2 billion dollars, from the 787 billion stimulus package, to two solar companies.

Ronin: But, but, that's taxpayer money. Kind of like a subsidy for an industry that can't find it cost effective to run by itself. And that's like $350,000 per worker.

Obama: No, no, no, most of the hiring will be temporary construction workers. Only about 1500, by our estimate, which is usually high, will be permanently employed.

Ronin: Good God! 2 billion for 1600 jobs for technology and industry that can't make it on its own in the real world. That's like flushing it down the toilet. Well, at least it is going to a good ol' fashion American enterprise.

Obama: Well, actually, most of the money is going to Abengoa Solar which is a unit of a the Spanish company Abengoa SA.

Ronin:..............uuummmm.........I got nothing. Speechless, absolutely speechless.

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