July 02, 2010

Commenter: Ohio Homeland Security director Bill Vedra said of fired and lying multicultural affairs director Omar Alomari "there isn't a better man in the room"; now trying to pin Alomari on previous GOP administration

Following up on our announcement yesterday that Ohio Homeland Security multicultural affairs director Omar Alomari had been fired after an exclusive Jawa Report investigation into his extremist activities and his previous firing from a local community college for sleeping with one of his students in violation of the school's sexual harassment police (and later unsuccessfully suing the victim for defamation after she reported him to the school), the Columbus Dispatch followed up with a story adding that not only had Alomari falsified his resume, but he had lied to investigators during the recent investigation.

But in the comments to yesterday's post came "C3PO", who noted that Ohio Homeland Security director Bill Vedra had recently backed Alomari against charges that he was an Islamist mole in the ODPS, exhibited by a a picture of Vedra, Alomari and the executive director of the local CAIR chapter at an ODPS event (you can see the pictures here), Vedra vehemently protested, saying about Alomari that "there wasn't a better man in the room". Here's what "C3PO" had to say as an eyewitness:

While it might be easily to want to blame this 'sloppiness' on US Homeland, remember he was working for the State of Ohio.

Not only were they sloppy, but, as mentioned in Barbarossa's original article- some are complicit. Particularly director William 'Bill' Vedra. He recently stood before a group of over 100 Counter-Terrorism operatives from all over Ohio and chastised us because we were shown a picture of Alomari, the director of Cair Ohio, and the boss of the Muslim BROTHERHOOD for Eastern America- and ranted as he flapped his arms about the nobility and impeachable credibility of Alomari- that there wasn't a better man in the room.

Mr. Vedra- since you chose to hang your hat on Mr. Alomari, as it was mentioned in the class by the presenter- "you are either a useful idiot or willingly complicit in allowing the Muslim Brotherhood access to high levels of Government." He gave you the benefit of the doubt that day- assumed you were so busy that no one could have schooled you on how nefarious and with how much subtlety they work.

Time to lay down your cards Mr. Vedra.

Which is it?

Either way- you need to resign, and, apologize to the presenters, attendees, and all those local law enforcement officials that you dragged in to defend Alomari ....some of whom, uh, ehmm, also stood up and backed Mr. Alomari as well.

Thinking particularly of Mister "you shouldn't believe every thing you read on the internet" and that other gentleman that yelled at us and flapped his arms before my friend walked out. Just for starters.

We reported on Vedra's backing of Alomari's "sterling" reputation, along with his justification of continuing to work with the terrorist-supporting CAIR by likening CAIR to "gang bangers, drug dealers and mafia rats", back in April.

What makes Vedra's recent testament to Alomari's "sterling" character all the more interesting in light of Alomari's firing for falsifying his resume and lying to investigators, is that according to our inside sources, Vedra and ODPS are now trying to blame the previous Republican Taft administration for Alomari, no longer attesting to his "sterling" character, but claiming that he was a troublesome hold-over.

My, how the winds of change blow. But don't worry, Bill Vedra. We just might have in our possession an audio copy of your comments defending Omar.

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