July 01, 2010

Video: An MSA President Becomes and International Terrorist

Fist sign that the nice Alabama boy might become an international terrorist? He takes Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda's side in the model UN.

Second sign? He chokes another student for saying something bad about Islam.

Third sign? His favorite place to hang out when he lived in Toronto was a bookstore run by a Taliban supporter.

Fourth sign? He spends hours and hours on the Islamic Networking forum -- the same forum that has spawned well over a dozen convicted terrorists.

Yup, no one could have ever foreseen that Omar Hammami would go to Somalia, join an al Qaeda linked jihad group, and kill infidels. No one at all.

Here's the Current TV "Vanguard" special on Hammami called "American Jihadi". If you can ignore the lame and trite narrative which makes it seem as if it was small town Alabama that drove Hammami to terrorism, it's pretty good.

Sure the station was founded by Al Gore, but I promise the video is completely DNA free.

One has to wonder if his friends who converted to Islam are really so stupid to think that their newfound religion has nothing to do with political violence and oppression? I'm guessing, yes.

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