July 01, 2010

BREAKING: Ohio Homeland Security official Omar Alomari fired after Jawa Report exclusive investigation ***Updated***

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We've heard from multiple sources today that Ohio Homeland Security multicultural relations director Omar Alomari has been fired as a result of our exclusive Jawa Report investigation into his extremist ties and lying on his resume (omitting he had been fired from a local college for sexual harassment of a student). We reported two weeks ago that he was under investigation.

The question is, will Olen Martin, who runs the Ohio Homeland Security's Northern Border Initiative be fired for his two fake degrees on his resume? If not, ODPS will have a lawsuit on their hands. Then again, Alomari will probably sue for discrimination anyways.

Here are all our back articles on Omar Alomari and the Ohio Homeland Security follies:

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UPDATE by Rusty: Hammer, by popular request.

UPDATE 2: The Columbus Dispatch weighs in, even giving the "Jawa Report" credit (thanks for correcting the typo):

An Ohio Homeland Security official has been fired for failing to fully disclose his background when he began working for the state in late 2006.

Omar Alomari, 59, was fired Tuesday for dishonesty stemming from his failure to list his prior employment at Columbus State Community College, where he was fired after an improper consensual sexual affair with a student.

Alomari also gave "false information" when he was interviewed by investigators, according to his discharge letter from Thomas Stickrath, director of the Ohio Department of Public Safety.

Alomari, who was paid $76,107 a year homeland security's community engagement director, did not list his tenure at Columbus State from 1990 to 1996 when he submitted a job application and filled out background-check materials.

State officials began an administrative investigation of Alomari in May after the Jawa Report, a terrorism-related website, began digging into his background and publishing its findings. Alomari denied any wrongdoing at Columbus State.

Details of the investigation of Alomari were not immediately released. The report should be available Friday, a department spokeswoman said.

Laren Knoll, Alomari's lawyer, declined to comment this afternoon.

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