June 26, 2010

G-20 Summit: Oh Noes, Brutality Against Protesters

& journalists at peaceful demonstration

Police are out on horses, some of the protesters where isolated by police, maybe contained. Extreme brutality against journalist, some have been punched in the face. High military presence, spirits high, some dancing in the streets, some detained but have been released, don't know if they are injured. We will continue onto Tent city. Update: People have been arrested but we don't know why. Crowds have surrounded the police shouting "let them go". Police surrounded the arrestees. The police threw people to the ground by their necks. I was thrown by the neck. They have been punching people in the face, I saw a police offer punch people in the face, they punched a woman in the face. I was punched twice in the face and pushed out of the permineter. Pushed back in to interview the officer who punched me to find out why. He then stole my mic, threw it down and police kicked it around. Gave it back after about 10 minutes.

Police are confiscating flag poles and they have imposed some kind of martial law apparently, as anyone entering the public park is being forced to submit to a body and/or bag search, or face persecution.

I'm not sure why we call such cops "pigs" when pigs are generally docile and friendly animals. And they don't take well to stupid orders and subjugation. Pigs are smarter than that

......................end of report...............................kinda.

This is a report, non the less, by the protesters. I don't wanna link, but if you must, here is the link

Queer kiss in. Not my words, theirs.

[Note by mp] On June 2, provincial authorities secretly passed a regulation allowing police to arrest people near the G20 security zone who refuse to identify themselves or agree to a search. The regulation was made under Ontario’s Public Works Protection Act and was not debated in the Legislature. The regulation expires at the end of the G20 and prior to its scheduled public disclosure.

Tea Party Protest Forces Lockdown of an Entire City - Did I say tea party protest?

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