June 23, 2010

Holy Sh*t: Gore Accused of Rape!

Wow, I always knew that Gore was a two-faced slimebucket, but this? Even I would be shocked to learn this was true.

But, as they say .... too good to fact check! The National Enquirer:

AL GORE has been accused of sexually attacking a masseuse in Portland, Oregon - and is named in the official police report about the alleged assault, The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively...

Our investigative team uncovered the amazing story just weeks after the former Vice President announced that he and wife TIPPER were ending their 40-year marriage - amidst reports she suspected her husband was involved with "a gorgeous massage therapist."

We have verified the 62-year-old former VP was in Portland at the time of the alleged incident - Oct. 24, 2006 - and we saw the $540 massage bill.

No criminal charges were brought against Gore, but the Portland police prepared a document marked "Confidential Special Report" - which records the explosive allegations of "unwanted sexual contact" by Al Gore "at a local upscale hotel."

Again, given my image of Al Gore this is hard to fathom. I mean, rape?

Just thinking out loud, though, him asking for an unwanted "happy ending" seems pretty par for the course for pretty much one in the Clinton Administration. That's something easier to believe.

Thanks to Kim Priesthap

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