June 21, 2010

Breaking: Supreme Court Upholds Anti-Terror Material Support Law

Good on them! Now add IHH to the list, the so called Humanitarian aid group that sponsored, along with the backing of the Turkish Prime Minister, the Jihadi Flotilla of hate.

6-3 decision [Ed Morrissey]

The Supreme Court has upheld a federal law that bars “material support” to foreign terrorist organizations, rejecting a free speech challenge from humanitarian aid groups.

The court ruled 6-3 Monday that the government may prohibit all forms of aid to designated terrorist groups, even if the support consists of training and advice about entirely peaceful and legal activities.

Material support intended even for benign purposes can help a terrorist group in other ways, Chief Justice John Roberts said in his majority opinion.

“Such support frees up other resources within the organization that may be put to violent ends,” Roberts said.

The 3 nays where Justice's Stephen Breyer, Sonia Sotomayor[Obi Ones selection] and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. No shock there.

Ed notes

Justice Stephen Breyer, the AP reports, read his dissent aloud in a show of frustration with the majority opinion, rather than just release the written brief. Breyer was joined by Sonia Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg, in what would be no great shock. The report fails to mention that John Paul Stevens, soon to retire from the Court, joined the conservative majority on this question. That seems rather newsworthy, and the AP’s failure to mention it seems equally newsworthy.
Elena Kagan up next for confirmation. You know, the one that wrote this thesis: Socialism in New York City. Also, she is very Anti-military.

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