June 20, 2010

Sandcrawler PSA: Reminder, So Did Mohammed Photoshop Contest

I will be issuing Fatwas tomorrow for the best threefour. This replaces the normal Blog Sabbath Caption Contest. Brian at SnappedShot is hosting the contest. Get yours in today!

For those not in the know, Muslims in London are promoting a PR campaign with "Women's Rights" ie, I believe in women's rights so did Mohammed.

My previous post:

Update on London: Images That Make One Go WTF?:

Brain at SnappedShot smelled a photoshop contest after seeing this image I obtained from Ghost of a Flea regarding Muslim PR campaign in London. SquareMileWife has background on the campaign. Think beotch & convert to Islam Yvonne Ridley..to name a few. Come to think of it, haven't heard anymore lately about pro-Taliban kidnapped by Taliban Canadian Beverly Giesbrecht (aka, Khadija Abdul Qahar) author of Jihad Unspun. Wonder if her head is still on her body?


Back to the photoshop contest:

Anyway, Brian has a template for you to use in the photoshop contest. If you don't have photoshop, as I don't, you can use Paint and import image to your creation.

Here is one of several by DMartyr(check em out so you don't duplicate):

So head on over to SnappedShot and add your entry. I will be checking in from time to time there and thought, heck, I could join in at Jawa by awarding fatwas on Monday.

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While you are there, won't you consider joining the Israel vs Iran betting pool? There only only 6 blogs participating so far. Costs nothing only a comment to enter. Brian is awarding the winner a signed copy of his cease & desist letter from AP including the FedEx envelope. Penn State Track & Field Alumni Golf will donate a flashlight that doesn't need batteries and wrist bands advertising their group. Others are deciding appropriate prizes to offer. Jawa Report will award the winner a big fat fatwa plastered on a trophy cup to add to your blog.

Let the games begin, what will Iran say when Israel hits their nuclear site? Another baby milk factory? or?

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