June 17, 2010

Ohio Congresswoman Mary Jo Kilroy (D-umbass) claims to voted against TARP, but wasn't in Congress at the time (and supported it during her campaign)

There is apparently a whole new level of human stupidity that can be achieved once someone gets elected to public office. Take for example this claim made by Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy earlier this week where she claims that she voted against TARP because it didn't have enough consumer protections.

One problem, however. She wasn't even in Congress at the time. She was running for Congress in September 2008, and at that time she said she would vote FOR it.

No doubt she will respond that what she had in mind was the auto bailout that was folded into TARP in 2009. But another problem appears with that response too: she voted for it. Maybe she voted against it before she voted for it?

What I think this proves is how toxic the support for TARP is with the electorate. And how quickly dimwits like Mary Jo Kilroy can reach those near-superhuman levels of stupidity once they reach Washington. Expect to see more of this revisionism by Democrats and Republicans alike who supported the Wall Street bailout as the 2010 campaign season rolls along.

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