June 16, 2010

Turkish Jihad Flotilla: Anti-Israel Protesters Infiltrated By Pro-Israel Protesters

New to me, thanks to Amerikee Sd Hunter for finding this.

Before It's News

At the end of Saturday, June 5, several thousand left wing activists staged a demonstration to protest against the government in connection with the detention of "peacekeeping" flotilla Free Gaza. Amongst them the Knesset faction Hadash, Dov Hanin and Mohamed Baraka, head of the organization "Peace Now, Yariv Oppenheimer, a veteran activist Uri Avnery.

However, the pro-Israel protesters infiltrated the heart of the procession without the knowledge of the activists of the left. Only an hour after the rally began did the organizers realize something was wrong.

About a dozen Russian-speaking young men, aged 25-35 years, created mocking posters in English and Russian languages, to show by their words, the moral squalor of the left wing camp. At their own expense they printed banners reading: We Made the World Abandon Reason (a quote from the now popular We Won[Con...ed] the World parody video), We'll Stab for Peace, What the Hell Am I Doing Here. And Do Not Mess with the Zohan (a recent movie about an Israeli counter terrorist operative.)

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Took them a hour to notice? Ha!

Hats off to them for making fools of those idiots for a full hour!

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