June 14, 2010

Ohio Homeland Security official Omar Alomari under investigation after Jawa Report investigation

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The wheels of justice grind slowly, as the saying goes. But they (along with the establishment media) are finally catching up with the Jawa Report.

Exhibit A is a front page article in the Columbus Dispatch on Saturday concerning a story we broke here back in April concerning the various follies within Ohio Homeland Security; specifically, our reports about their multicultural affairs/community engagement director Omar Alomari being previously fired from a state college for sleeping with one of his students - whom he later sued (unsuccessfully) for defamation after she reported him to the school; and another top official, Olen Martin, who padded his resume with not one, but two fake college degrees.

State official under scrutiny for job history

An Ohio Homeland Security official is being investigated for failing to disclose his former employment at Columbus State Community College, where he was fired after an improper consensual sexual affair with one of his students.

Omar Alomari, the department's community engagement director, did not list his tenure at Columbus State from 1990 to 1996 when he applied to work for the state and submitted background-check materials in late 2006.

Department of Public Safety officials began an administrative investigation into the accuracy of Alomari's paperwork last month after a terrorism-related website began digging into his background.

Alomari, 59, a native of Jordan, was a full-time humanities instructor at Columbus State. He disputed his dismissal, filing a national-origin discrimination complaint with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. He also sued the woman with whom he had an affair, accusing her of slander and seeking damages.

The civil-rights commission found no probable cause of discrimination and dismissed Alomari's complaint. The lawsuit against his former student also was dismissed.

Who's to blame for this mess? Those bastards at the Fawa Report:

The Fawa Report [sic], the website that looked into Alomari's background, also questioned the academic credentials of Olen Martin, a former chief deputy sheriff and drug task force commander who was hired last year by Homeland Security.

Martin listed on his employment application that he received bachelor's and master's degrees in criminal justice from Suffield University, of Twin Falls, Idaho.

Suffield grants and sells degrees online, ranging from $475 for an associate degree to $550 for a doctoral degree, based on a "prior learning assessment" of applicants. It does not require tests or classroom work to obtain degrees.

The mis-attribution to the "Fawa Report" just goes to show that those layers of editorial oversight that separate "real journalists" from us bloggers is prone to failure as well. Nevertheless, this news almost makes up for the New York Times not giving us credit over the weekend for our exclusive last week identifying indicted New Jersey jihadist Carlos Almonte as the "Death to all Juice" guy (which the NY Post and NY Daily News did). Anyways, we're glad they're all catching up to us.

Question: did Dispatch reporter Randy Ludlow inadvertently conflate "Jawa" and "fatwa"? Could be. We're certainly fatwa-worthy. Or he just didn't hear clearly when the press flack at Ohio homeland security dictated the article to him? It is interesting that this story got buried in the Saturday edition.

We'll have more on the Ohio homeland security meltdown in the next few days.

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