June 10, 2010

Elena Kagan: Destroyer of Life

With the ongoing problems in the Gulf of Mexico, the economy, and the events of everyday life going on around us we might have forgotten there is a supreme court justice up for nomination THIS MONTH. This nominee is none other than Elena Kagan. Ms. Kagan has zero bench experience but, President Obama apparently thinks she has what it takes. But, let's dig a little deeper into the subject.

Elena Kagan was a domestic policy advisor for President Bill Clinton in the late nineties. In that time she was feeding data directly to the President of the United States. President Obama, in his speech announcing Elena Kagan as his next nominee for the Supreme Court, said, "...her openness to a broad array of viewpoints..." was a key reason for nominating her. This openness might sound like a good thing but, I for one, am not happy with a 1997 White House memo released by the Clinton library that Elena Kagan wrote which according to Americans United for Life proposes that a ban on human cloning should, "allow the cloning of human embryos for experimentation."

This complete and utter disregard for human life flies in the face of just about every civil liberty man has come to know over the course of its history. Could you imagine a life created, lived, and maintained just to be tested on, prodded, and then destroyed with complete disregard? Elena Kagan advocated cloning for human research and that is very disconcerting.

Contact your Senator today and urge them to question Elena Kagan's nomination and her clone wars as well as ask them to send Ms. Kagan back to the solicitor general's office and not to a lifetime appointment on the US Supreme Court.

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