June 08, 2010

Jawa Exclusive: NJ Jihadist Carlos Almonte hated Jews too, was "Death to all Juice" guy (Bumped - *Sticky)

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This weekend the FBI picked up two New Jersey men at JFK airport who were intending to find their way to Somalia to train in Al-Shabaab terror camps. According to the indictment unsealed Sunday, one of the men, Carlos Almonte, said that he wanted to send Americans home "in caskets". According to the NY Post, he also boasted,

"I'm gonna get a gun. I'm the type of person to use it anytime . . . I'll have more bodies on it than . . . the hairs on my beard. You know what I'm saying? It's already enough that you don't worship Allah, so . . . that's a reason for you to die."

But we can reveal exclusively here at Jawa that Carlos Almonte was the infamous "Death to all Juice" guy (hey, maybe he can take Helen Thomas' spot in the WH press corps?). The picture below, which Almonte posted on his Facebook page, shows him in action (UPDATE: Photo was originally taken by Red Squirrel).


We'll have more on Almonte and his friends in coming days. Stay tuned!

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Update: Troll alert in comments.

Kinda late, I know, but it's here!!

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