June 03, 2010

Ohio Muslim couple charged with aiding Hezbollah

Another Ohio connection to global terror. Go figure. Arson and mortgage fraud alleged.

Federal agents converged on a home in West Toledo as part of an anti-terrorism raid across the greater Toledo area Thursday.

Law enforcement officials blocked off the residential area surrounding Brookfield Dr. near Sylvania Ave. and Talmadge Rd. shortly before Noon Thursday. Authorities then raided 3911 Brookfield Dr. Hor Akl is listed as the home's owner, according to the Lucas County Auditor's website.

Authorities say Akl, 37, and his wife, Amera, 37, both of Lebanese decent, were arrested inside their home on various counts of conspiring to launder money, commit arson, bankruptcy fraud and perjury. The charges are said to be part of a larger scheme that was to provide support to the Islamist group Hizballah.

In a criminal complaint filed in federal court Thursday morning, the Akls are accused of conspiring to provide material support to Hizballah from on or about Aug. 30, 2009. Hizballah was designated by the Secretary of State as a Foreign Terrorist Organization in Oct. 1997. The Akls allegedly agreed to send money to the terrorist group after being approached by an informant for the FBI who claimed to work for an anonymous donor in support of Hizballah. The criminal complaint says the Akls agreed to conceal approximately $500,000 inside their vehicle and to ship the vehicle to Lebanon where the cash would be removed and given to Hizballah officials.

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