June 03, 2010

English Anti-Semitic Flotilla Nasheed: A Tribute to The Palestinian Humanitarian Activists Who were Martyred, Wounded, and Imprisoned at the Hands of the Zionist Pigs

Written & Sung by Asadullah Alshishani, whom Jawa Report knows very well. Will wait for nasheed to be downloaded then post....maybe. His last one was gawd awful, although it's damn fun to make fun of this idiot.

Title of of his nasheed: "When the Jew's Blood Reds my Knife, then my Life is Free from Strife"

Lyrics below fold:

When the Jew's blood reds my knife
Then my life is free from strife

Hiding behind rocks and trees
I'll find them with greatest ease
Make them get down on their knees
Slaughter them despite their pleas

Throw them in the ovens hot
Soap and lampshades sold and bought
Made of the Jews that we shot
Mercy's something I have not

With the bomb and machinegun
Blast at them and watch them run
We will have a lot of fun
Shoot and kill Jews one by one

Rise up, O Salahuddin
Great and brave Mujahideen
Like the Sheikh Ahmed Yassin
For the Love of Filistine

At Al Aqsa we shall meet
After Israel's defeat
Their dead bodies at our feet
Taste of victory is sweet

Jerusalem is calling me
Asadullah Alshishani
Jihad's where you're meant to be
Come and set the captives free

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