May 26, 2010

American Hostages in Yemen Freed


Two Americans who recently were kidnapped in Yemen have been freed, said Mohammed Al-Basha, a spokesman for the Yemeni Embassy in Washington.

Yemeni security authorities surrounded the kidnappers and pressed them to release the hostages, the spokesman said. They are currently safe in Sanaa, the capital, he added.

They arrived at the Interior Ministry Tuesday night, the ministry said.

Their identities have not been made public.

Tribal gunmen kidnapped the two American tourists along with their driver and translator, and demanded the release of a jailed tribesman in return for their captives' freedom, Yemeni officials said Monday.

A senior member of the tribe confirmed that they have released the Americans, their driver and translator.

All's well that ends well. Thanks to Yemen for doing the right thing, for once.

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