May 19, 2010

'Everybody Draw Mohammed' Day Unleashes Facebook Fracas (Update)

Satan has given me a moment away from my eternal torment to provide you with this important message:


What started out as a cartoonist's call to action against censorship -- an open invitation to submit caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad -- has led to death threats, a court order to temporarily block parts of the website in Pakistan and a call for a boycott of Facebook to protest what Muslims believe is blasphemy.
What fracas? We are standing up for Freedom of Speech.

Oh wait, do they mean this fracas or this one? What about the Pakistani Cyber Army? Can't leave them out although they failed miserably.

Video link h/t Everybody Draw Mohammed Day blog via Facebook Everybody Draw Mohammed Day

Sandcrawler PSA: Get Your Entries In Now

Update: Unfortunately the news outlets aren't showing this image:

draw mo protest_die.jpg

h/t Doug Malone

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