May 17, 2010

Death To Israel: UCSD MSA Jumanah Imad Albahri Has A Blog

Update on MSA UCSD Muslimah: Death To Israel and previous Muslim Students Association Member Tells David Horowitz She Supports Genocide Against Jews…

Meet Jumanah Imad Albahri who doesn't quite have Taqiyya (lying for the sake of Islam) down yet. Reading her blog doesn't jive with what I posted earlier, video of her speaking to Horowitz plus screenshot of her comment on "The Something Awful Forums" where she stated "Death to Israel". Which she is denying now.

Muslimah, look what you did. UCSD MSA issued a statement to CYA , not very well I might add.

Silly Jumanah, others are on to you also

BTW Jumanah, pretend to be someone else when commenting? IP's don't lie.

h/t TC

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