May 15, 2010

Let them build their mosque at Ground Zero

Why is it government's business whether or not Muslims build a mosque near Ground Zero? It isn't. It's called liberty.

Whether or not Muslims should build it is another matter alltogether. They shouldn't.

Liberty must, by definition, means the freedom to do stupid things - like build a mosque in the most inappropriate place on the planet.

As stupid as this is, it is far more dangerous bringing to bear the power of government to stop organized religions from doing stupid things.

So, when we speak of "stopping the mosque" what exactly do we mean? If you mean convincing the builders to stop it of their own free will then power to the movement. If we are speaking of pressuring government officials - including zoning boards - to use force to stop a religion from assembling where they wish, then we have clearly crossed a line.

Using force for or against a religion is evil defined. Which is why I oppose Islamism as the evil it is: because it uses force both in support of itself (prohibitions against leaving on threat of violence) and against non-Muslims (jihad, no freedm of speech).

The real answer is to get rid of zoning permitting boards alltogether. That way, we can open The Museum of the Islamic Holocaust next door to the mosque documenting the tens of millions killed in the name of the mosque next door.

As it is, I'm afraid a zoning board might find that just as "insensitive" as we find the mosque itself.

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