May 14, 2010

Non Blog Sabbath Caption Contest: Lars Vilks Attack (Updated)

Fatwas will be issued.

Image credit: DMartyr

Update Fatwas issued:

The "i will cut ur neck" fatwa issued to Leovinus for:

Bacon silly string attack
The "devil will do meetballs from your bodies" fatwa issued to Bubbe for:
Things began to get radical at the Annual Policeman's Ball when balls became the topic of radical conversation by local radicals.
The "why u insult holly quoran" fatwa issued to Xenpon for
AAAAAHHH!!! My eyes!!! Ze Koran, it does nothing!!!!
The "mojahedin will separate your dirty head from your dirty heart" fatwa goes to Papa Whiskey for:
"Hasta la vista, roachie!"

(From Men in Black)

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