May 14, 2010

New Hampshire: Explosion Rocks downtown Colebrook (Update)

Union Leader

COLEBROOK A 1:30 p.m. explosion at MDM Muzzleloader filled downtown Colebrook with smoke and debris and sent people fleeing, according to Karen Ladd, publisher of the News and Sentinel.

MDM, which came to Colebrook last fall, is located in the former Manchester Manufacturing building at the end of Bridge Street near the Vermont border.

Ladd said she heard a very loud boom.

"I'll be honest, I completely panicked and told everyone to get out of the building. It sounded like something hit the building," she said.

As soon as the News and Sentinel employees had evacuated, they saw a column of smoke at the end of Bridge Street, and soon learned the explosion was inside MDM Muzzleloader

Thoughts and prayers going out to all those affected by this.

Update:Sadly, two were killed in the explosion;

COLEBROOK, N.H. - Multiple explosions at a gun and ammunition manufacturing plant in far northern New Hampshire on Friday killed two people, shook buildings blocks away, filled the sky with black smoke and forced the evacuation of dozens of homes.

State Fire Marshal Bill Degnan confirmed the deaths at the MDM Muzzleloader building in Colebrook. He said the fire was burning more than four hours after the explosion was reported.

"We're just getting into the investigation and trying to determine the details," he said.

Family and friends of the two killed are in my thoughts and prayers as well as everyone who was affected by this terrible tragedy.

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