May 12, 2010

Allah Ho Gaybar (Update)

Update on Mohammed Cartoonist Lars Vilks Attacked In Uppsala

The film below was shown before the ROPMA attack on Vilks. The film is the works of Sooreh Hera. Born in 1973 in Tehran, she now lives in the Netherlands.


More info at Allahuakbar(Swedish) The site has additional videos of the attack plus the video of the two idjits who were arrested. You may want to turn sound off on the arrest video, unless you enjoy hearing Allah Snackbar Akbar repeatedly.

Caution, some nudity and bad gheyness, although very tastefully done I might add. Fatwa?

h/t TC who deserves a Fatwa for sending me this....

Update: The University caved to these Muslim extremists: Officials said they would "not likely" invite Vilks again because of the incident.

Cowards, just like Comedy Central...

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